Stonewall Opera
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The Creative Team


Iain bell, composer

"Were it not for the bravery of those at the Stonewall Inn on that June night in 1969, many of the rights I take for granted as a gay, married man would have been a lot longer in coming. Therefore, it is an absolute privilege to be asked to give voice and music to these courageous people, these heroes who fought for the freedom of expression and, most importantly, the freedom to love for theirs and all generations that followed."

Photo by Nacho Guevara

Photo by Nacho Guevara

Mark Campbell, LIbrettist

"Stonewall was a New York traffic jam of diverse forces that collided and accidentally detonated a movement. It’s an important story to retell now, at a time when we’re seeing the erosion of the rights in this country we worked so hard to attain."

Leonard Foglia, Director

"In early morning hours of June 28th, 1969, in a bar with no running water or fire exits, homeless gay youths, transvestites and drag queens, those whom society at the time condemned as either criminals, mentally ill or sinners, found the strength to use their voices and fight! STONEWALL, the opera will revisit that critical moment, in those early morning hours, when frustration turned to resistance, resistance to protest, protest to change. America has never been the same."