Support Stonewall


Own a piece of history.

We have launched a campaign via Patreon allowing you to commit to a monthly gift in support of Stonewall. You can even choose which part of the opera you would like to support—from production elements like lighting, set design, and costumes, to supporting talent right down to the break room tea and honey for our hard-working singers.

By committing to support Stonewall, you will earn access to special VIP preview events not open to the general public. 

The best part? Gifts start from just $1! Want to give more? Monthly gifts of $10 or more will earn you TWO tickets to the final dress rehearsal of Stonewall.

We want to empower our patrons to become stakeholders in the art of this great city, and we believe you should have an option for support at any level. Through your support, you’ve made it clear that New York deserves a company like City Opera—and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Join us by committing to a donation for Stonewall.